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Archived work from March to June 2020.

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29 June 2020  Two OUTSIDE pieces received this week from Steve and Angela

Steve Chambers: OUTSIDE

 RA Chambers, Steve Outside

Angela Tovell: OUTSIDE 

 RA Tovell, Angela Outside Dinghies

23 June 2020  Rosemary: This week's challenge is OUTSIDE

22 June 2020 More lovely pieces received this week from Steve C, Christine, Helen, Ron, Steve F and Rosemary

Steve Chambers: FANTASY  A Round of Drinks

RA Chambers, Steve A Round of Drinks

Christine Corker: PUZZLE  What's Beyond My Garden Gate?

RA Corker, Christine Puzzle Whats beyond my garden gate

Helen Culnane: RUBBING  Out of Africa (a white wax rubbing from a piece of furniture, then a dark watercolour wash)

RA Culnane, Helen out of Africa

Steve Ferris:  House of Jaguars

RA Ferris, Steve House of Jaguars

Rosemary Millar: PUZZLE  Puzzle

RA Millar, Rosemary Puzzle

16 June 2020  Rosemary: No particular topic this week - just draw round things. Interpret how you wish! 

15 June 2020 Great pieces this week from Steve C, Helen, Steve F, Linda, and Veronica

Steve Chambers: DETAIL, FANTASY, ISOLATION, PUZZLE  Furloughed Leafcutter

 RA Chambers, Furloughed Leafcutter

Helen Culnane: PUZZLE

RA Culnane, Helen Puzzle

Steve Ferris: PUZZLE Sea of Ashes (graphite stick rubbing of glued-down jigsaw pieces) 

RA Ferris, Steve Seas to Ashes

Linda Heywood: PUZZLE Oakington Barracks Demolished and Reynold's Drove (both using foraged tiles from the area)

RA Heywood, Linda Oakington Barracks Demolished   RA Heywood, Linda Reynolds Drove

Veronica Taylor: PUZZLE  Puzzled

RA Taylor, Veronica Puzzled

09 June 2020 Rosemary: This week the theme is "Puzzle" with any interpretation you like! As usual, pieces can be representational or abstract. 

08 June 2020 SO many pieces submitted this week. We have work from Sylvia, Steve, Helen, Ron, Carol, Pat and Veronica

Sylvia Beaumont: DETAIL  Iris

RA Beaumont, Sylvia Detail Iris

Steve Chambers: Egret,    GREEN Green Leaves Of Summer,    and DETAIL Selfie On A Pin

RA Chambers, Steve egret   RA Chambers, Steve Green leaves of summer   RA Chambers, Steve Detail Selfie on a pin

Helen Cunane: DETAIL Hidden In The Hedgerow

RA Culnane, Helen hidden in the hedgerow

Ron Dickens: Ringed Plover (wood carving)

RA Dickens, Ron ringed plover

Carol Jackson: Church Window,       Isolation          and The Cut Bridge

 RA Jackson Carol Church Window   RA Jackson, Carol Isolation   RA Jackson, Carol The Cut Bridge

Pat Labistour: Barnacle Goose (needle and thread)

RA Labistour, Pat Barnacle Goose

Veronica Taylor: GREEN Green (oil pastel)

RA Taylor, Veronica Green - Oil Pastel

02 June 2020 Rosemary: This week's topic is "Detail". Any subject - still life, landscape, representational, abstract - bring out the tiny shapes, bits of colour, tonal differences etc and any medium you like

01 June 2020  Another new virtual member - Sue Morel. Lots of work this week from Ron, Steve, John, Margie, Maureen, Paul, Sue, Robert, and Veronica

Ron Dickens: Red Shank (wood carving)

RA Dickens, Ron red shank

Steve Ferris: Pen and Ink

RA Ferris, Steve Pen and ink

John Garstang: Bad Step and Loch Scavaig   and Hay Making - North Fen

RA Garstang, John Bad Step and Loch Scavaig   RA Garstang, John Hay making - North Fen

Margie McEvoy: Green

RA McEvoy, Margie Green

Maureen Miller: Daisies at Rampton Church

RA Miller, Maureen Daisies at Rampton Church

Paul Morel: Loch Lomond

RA Morel, Paul Loch Lomond (on wood)

Sue Morel: Collage

RA Morel, Sue Collage

Robert Reece: Paris

RA Reece, Robert Paris

Veronica Taylor: How it Was ......

 RA Taylor, Veronica How it was

26 May 2020 Rosemary

25 May 2020 Three pieces this week from Paul, Robert and Angela

Paul Morel: Skye

RA Morel, Paul Skye

Robert Reece: The Hotel Inspector

RA Reece, Robert The Hotel Inspector (after Matisse)

Angela Tovell: Boats

RA Tovell, Angela boats

18 May 2020 Lots of pieces this week from Steve, Ron, Penny, Katy, Margie, Veronica and Angela

Steve Chambers: Still Life

RA Chambers, Steve still life

Ron Dickens: Kingfishers

RA Dickens, Ron Kingfishers

Katy McConkey: Landscape

RA McConkey, Katy Landscape

Margie McEvoy: Still Life

RA McEvoy, Margie Still Life

Penny Hay: Circles,        Sunset,         and Trees

RA Hay, Penelope Circles   RA Penelope Hay SunsetRA Hay, Penelope Trees

Veronica Taylor: Blissful Isolation

RA Taylor, Veronica Isolation Bliss

Angela Tovell: Still Life

 RA Tovell, Angela Still Life

11 May 2020 Five pieces received this week from Steve, Margie and Veronica

Steve Chambers: Self-Portrait

RA Chambers, Steve self-portrait

Margie McEvoy:  Maisie,  Wicken Fen  and Circles

RA McEvoy, Margie Maisie   RA McEvoy, Margie Wicken Fen   RA McEvoy, Margie Circles

Veronica Taylor: Fishing Boats at Harbour

RA Taylor, Veronica Fishing boats at harbour



5 May 2020 Rosemary:  This week's topics:

Jan Powell: Brenda Ward  and a monocolour still life by ??????

RA Powell, Jan Brenda Ward   RA style BW still life

4 May 2020 We have new pieces from Steve Chambers, Paul Morel, Robert Reece and Angela Tovell this week.

Steve Chambers: Kingfisher (coloured pencil)

RA Chambers, Steve Kingfisher

Paul Morel: Thailand                              and Anglesey Abbey

 RA Morel, Paul Thailand   RA Morel, Paul Anglesey Abbey

Robert Reece: Copy of Paul Signac's View of St Tropez

RA Reece, Robert Signac View of St Tropez

Angela Tovell: The Lake

 RA Tovell, Angela

28 April 2020  From RosemaryIt would be great to get everyone to put up a picture - I hope a lack of materials is not a problem. Steve Chambers also did another fantastic picture using a forgotten box of crayons.  Don't forget collage - easy to cut up magazines and flour and water makes good paste. Of course, if you're like me, photographing the finished article and sending it off is difficult!

Pat Labistour has sent a challenge: a representation of a family pet - either realistic or quirky! And she also went to the Steve Ferris art teaching connectionfor another challenge!

27 April 2020  Pieces this week from Steve Chambers, Rosemary Millar, Veronica Taylor, and Angela Tovell.  We have a new virtual member this week - Ron Dickens from Perthshire. A few of his bird paintings below.

Also Trevor sent some Youtube advice re photographing your art - see Saatchi's art photography advice  Thanks Trevor - really helpful.

Ron Dickens: Nuthatch and Treecreeper,          Wheatear,                            and Long-eared Owl   (all using acrylic)

RA Dickens, Ron Nuthatch and Treecreeper   RA Dickens, Ron Wheatear   RA Dickens, Ron Long-eared owl

Steve Chambers: Ascending Bubbles (pastels), and Lovebirds (coloured pencils)

RA Chambers, Steve Bubbles Ascending pastels        RA Chambers Lovebirds col pencils

Rosemary Millar: Splendid Isolation

RA Millar, Rosemary Splendid Isolation


Veronica Taylor: Morning Sunshine

RA Taylor, Veronica Morning Sun

Angela Tovell

RA Tovell, Angela bridge

22 April 2020  Apologies to Jane Price - this one from a few weeks ago had slipped through early cracks.

Jane Price: Waterscape

RA Price, Jane waterscape

21 April 2020  From Rosemary  Helen Culnane suggested a project. Collect round objects and draw round them. They can overlap.  Create a theme around abstract concepts - e.g. happiness, cold, bliss etc and, with a limited range of colours and tones, fill in the shapes. Helen's exercises of Opulence, Drama, Spring, Mystery and Innocence are below.  Can you tell which is which?

 RA Culnane, Helen Circles 1 Spring   RA Culnane, Helen Circles 3 Innocence  

RA Culnane, Helen Circles 4 DramaRA Culnane, Helen Circles 5 Mystery   RA Culnane, Helen Circles 6 Opulence

Spring, InnocenceDramaMystery, and Opulence


20 April 2020  Work from Helen Culnane, Paul Morel and Steve Ferris this week

Helen Culnane: Mustill's Lane

  RA Cullinane, Helen Mustills Lane

Steve Ferris: Splendid Isolation

RA Ferris, Steve Splendid Isolation

Paul Morel: Isolation (reading ,drinking, worrying and eating chocolate just about covers it!)

RA Morel, Paul Isolation

...and a reminder from Rosemary of one of our earlier group pictures.from Bruegel . You don't see scenes like that now   ...but we will!
RA Bruegel Childrens Games GROUP

14 April 2020 From Rosemary  "I see Grayson Perry is on Channel 4 on Thursday. I've never quite forgiven him for talking about "little old ladies art groups" but now he's doing one himself! Let's see what it's like - let's hope it isn't just a demonstration.

If you have pictures or ideas for pictures send them via email to [email protected]

13 April 2020 Four new pieces today - two from Paul Morel. Magic and The Landscape

RA Morel, Paul Magic the Dog   RA Morel, Paul Landscape

...and two from Veronica Taylor:  Countryside View and Courtyard View

RA Taylor, Veronica Countryside View   RA Taylor, Veronica Courtyard View

08 April 2020  Some fun from the Heong Gallery (via Jane).  Thomas Gainsborough painted several society ladies in and around Bath in 1763. We can tell they were painted around the same time because of the similarity in poses and clothing. Pretty as they are, the Heong Gallery believes their dresses could do with a bit of colour. Try your hand at dressing the Gainsborough ladies. You can download and print or save and colour online. Click here Heong Gallery Museums from Home.

07 April 2020  A couple from Steve Chambers today on the Getty Museum recreation theme.

Gustav Klimt's Tannewald

RA Chambers, Steve Klimt    RA Chambers, Steve Klimt Gettyish

...and a wonderful Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring

RA Vermeer girl with pearl earring    RA Chambers, Steve Girl with pearl earring

06 April 2020  Several new pieces today  

From Margie McEvoy

RA McEvoy, Margie seascape

and from Angela Tovell

RA Tovell, Angela church


Two from Robert Reece

RA Reece, Robert pier       RA Reece, Robert Kandinsky


02 April 2020  From Jane today - if you have a moment why not try recreating a famous painting with objects/people/animals that you have at home? Click here to see some fabulous examples from the Getty Museum. If nothing else some of them will hopefully raise a smile

30 March 2020 - lots to add today!

From Janet Stockley

Stockley, Janet bluebells

From Graham Mumby "a quick painting from a holiday photo using the canvas. Evening in Haldikik Greece looking out towards Mount Olympus

Gumby, Robert Halkidiki Greece

From Rosemary's daughter, Katy who many of you know. The view from her window, where she is now living away from Barcelona

McConkey, Katy window

From Steve Chambers.   This painting was inspired by a free session on Facebook run daily by "The Paint Republic" whilst the schools are shut. It is an organisation that run fun art classes in normal times for adults focused chiefly on folks that are not active artists. The free sessions are daily (not weekends) 11 to 12 and are for anybody though a lot of the audience is clearly children. They have some interesting ideas and techniques and get a reasonable result in the hour session. Don't know if anyone would be interested, it is something else to do when we are all stuck in doors.    https://www.facebook.com/thepaintrepublic/

Chambers, Steve Turtle


28 March 2020   A piece from Robert Gumby this week. Some may remember this subject as he did a miniature of it in class.

 Robert view

21 March 2020:  A few pieces from Veronica

 Taylor, Veronica AffectionTaylor, Veronica Fishing VillageTaylor, Veronica LoversTaylor, Veronica Tabletop


20 March 2020:  Delighted that Steve is still with us as a virtual member of RampArts although he now lives in Derbyshire! Here is his watercolour landscape.

 Chambers, Steve landscape 200320

17 March 2020Rosemary. Continue with work on landscape using the canvas (if you took one). If you have no paints then try any other media - collage, pencils, pens


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