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Due to Covid-19 our weekly meetings remain cancelled until further notice. This page is to allow Rosemary to post projects and completed work from members.

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1 Dec 2020    Rosemary: 

Pieces this week from Paul, Steve and Veronica

Steve Chambers: Favourite Animal (line drawing)

Steve Chambers: First Reindeer

Steve Chambers: Stick Tree (under construction)

Paul Morel: Magic (line drawing)

Paul Morel: Magic in the Sea (line drawing)

Veronica Taylor: Hansome Ram (line drawing)

Veronica Taylor: Portrait 2

17 Nov 2020    Rosemary: This week I would like you to think about animals. As we did last year with the portraits, draw a picture of your favourite animal without taking the pen off the paper. This could incorporate different movements of your animal and the lines will overlap but will make it come alive. You can take your pen off the paper but put it back in the same place!  Try to fill the whole paper and shade or colour the shapes left between the lines. 

Pieces this week from Angela, Brenda, Chris C, Margie, Pat T, Paul, Steve, and Veronica

Steve Chambers: Autumn

Chris Corker: Colours of Autum

Paul Morel: Autumn

Margie McEvoy: Autumn

Margie McEvoy: Collage

Angela Tovell: Autumn

Veronica Taylor: Portrait

Veronica Taylor: Still Life

Veronica Taylor: Corner of Autumn: Cor

Pat Turner: Autumn

Brenda Ward: Portrait of a Stranger

Brenda Ward: Autumn

10 Nov 2020 Rosemary: Every year we do something based on Autumn - we have covered most aspects - colour, movement, mist and mellow fruitfulness, etc and this year the title is just Autumn. The challenge is that your picture should be produced only one and a hal inches (or approx 3cm) square! Out with the tiny paint brishes and fine pens!

Pieces this week from Paul, Sylvia, Steve and Veronica.

Sylvia Beaumont: Cyclamen

Steve Chambers: Goldfinch

Steve Chambers: Pied Flycatcher

Steve Chambers: Swift

Steve Chambers: Wren

Paul Morel: Madingly Mystery

Veronica Taylor: Zephyrus, Greek God Of The Gentle Wind

Veronica Taylor: Zephyrus, Greek God Of The Gentle Wind

Veronica Taylor: Zephyrus, Greek God Of The Gentle Wind

3 Nov 2020 Rosemary: No particular project set for this week so you can catch up but while you are reading or watching television perhaps think of an illustration for the book/play/film/programme etc.  We produced book jacket illustrations once which were very effective. Keep creating! Pencils, crayons, charcoal, paint, cut-outs all good. And good for us!  

Pieces this week from Angela, Margie, Steve and Veronica.

Steve Chambers: Light and Shade, Colour, Line and Composition

Margie McEvoy: Distance

Veronica Taylor: Dining in the Square

Angela Tovell: The Garden

Angela Tovell: The Glasshouse

27 Oct 2020 Rosemary: I love the way Jan has used light and shade in her portrait so I thought we would remind ourselves about the elements that make up a picture - light and shade, line, shapes and most of all - composition. Purely from your imagination, and under the title Still Life or Garden or Landscape, create a picture thinking about the components above. No worries about perspective or photogrpahic accuracy just excite us with your individuall take on this.

Lots of lovely pieces this week from Angela, Cynthia, Helen, Jan, John, Paul, Ron, Rosemary, and Steve C.

Cynthia Bidwell: Carpet of Gold

Steve Chambers: Supermurm

Helen Culnane: Distance Doodle

Ron Dickens: Stonechat

Ron Dickens: Goldcrest

Ron Dickens: Blackbird on Nest

John Garstang: Fen House

Rosemary Millar: The Quay at Old Grimsby

Paul Morel: Thank You Mr Besos

Jan Powell: Grandson Ben

Angela Tovell: Walled Town

20 Oct 2020 Rosemary: no project this week just "doodle" with a good black pen and see what comes out. Could be the start of a picture or a work of art in its own right! Everyone's doodles are completely original!

Work this week from Chris C, Paul and Angela

Chris Corker: Stairway to Distant Beyond

Paul Morel: Collage

Angela Tovell: Pines

Angela Tovell: Willow
Collage pieces

12 Oct 2020  Rosemary.  Steve's lovely picture is an inspiration for us to have a go at portraiture and led me to suggest a rather unusual challenge: when you pause your television programme, particularly during a drama, you get wonderfully expressive actions and facial expressions. Quickly make sketches of the bits that interest you (preferably not when someone else is trying to watch TV!)  and see if you can create a picture from them. Notice the eye levels and light and shade.  Alternatively, do some collage (easy, no paint needed!). I cut out bits of colour from one magazine (see photo) and now I really want to make something out of these shapes. Remember, the photographs you send will look great in their reduced form.

Lots of work received this week from Chris B, Steve, and Veronica

Chris Boyland: Landscape

Steve Chambers: Grandson Levi

Steve Chambers: Distance

Paul Morel: pieces from the summer

Paul Morel: pieces from the summer

Paul Morel: pieces from the summer

Veronica Taylor: DISTANCE - Love you Grandma

Veronica Taylor: DISTANCE - Australian Distance

4 Oct 2020  The project for this week from Rosemary. "We have heard a good deal recently about social distancing so the theme is "Distance". Abstract or representational. Remember things get small in the distance and there is less contrast between things".
Work from March to June 2020 has been archived but can still be viewed here

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