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Due to Covid-19 our weekly meetings remain cancelled until further notice. This page is to allow Rosemary to post projects and completed work from members.

Send completed work to Rosemary at [email protected]    Let us know if you have any suggestions for future projects or if you wish to unsubscribe from the weekly emails.


19 Jan 2021    Rosemary:   This week's project is to create an abstract picture in pencil. Set up a still life or use a photograph of anything and take from it (abstract) a good composition concentrating on shapes, lines and darks and lights. Keep shading with your pencil until you have strong tonal differences.  All parts of the picture should be interesting. Look at it from a distance and keep working on it until you are very pleased with the result!  You know you can do it!

Pieces from Linda, Paul, Sue and Steve C this week

Steve Chambers: Something Small 1
Steve Chambers: Something Small 2
Linda Heywood: Tartans Are Tricky 1
Linda Heywood: Tartans Are Tricky 2
Paul Morel: Portrait - Celeste
Sue Morel: Portrait

12 Jan 2021    Rosemary: Here are a few ideas for making pictures this week. Have a go - it's very rewarding seeing the work come in.

  • Get some flowers/leaves to be the centre piece for a still-life.Use strong primary colours and make all parts of the picture interesting
  • Find an old photograph (especially with people) and make a picture out of it. Simplify and use strong colours.
  • Trevor's challenge is create your own tartan for Burn's Night!

If you need materials go to greatart.co.uk

Pieces from Helen, Ron and Veronica this week

Helen Culnane: Christmas Bauble
Ron Dickens: Who's Out There?
Veronica Taylor: Bombarded

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